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Perfect Fit Cruiser Ring
Perfect Fit Cruiser Ring

Perfect Fit Cruiser Ring

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The Perfect Fit Cruiser Ring is essentially a penis and ball ring that is also a large, deep squidgy, sex cushion! This unusual product is made from the company's SilaSkin – a flexible blend of silicone and thermoplastic rubber (TPR). Meaning you and your partner can slam into one another with impunity, whilst enjoying a novel sensation! Sounds like fun, huh?!!

The product is built to last and stretchy enough to provide support for any size man. To don the Cruiser Ring open the tyre-style ring and slip it around the penis and testicles. A smidgen of water-based lubricant can be used to help get it on.

The Cruiser Ring is safe to use with water based lubes. After use, wash thoroughly with mild soap and water.