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Vawn and Boon

Perfect Fit Armour Tug Lock

Perfect Fit Armour Tug Lock

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The innovative design of the Perfect Fit Armour Tug Lock Butt Plug and Cock Ring ensures maximum cock ring support with the added bonus of anal pleasure.

Fit the Armour Tug Lock by placing your penis through the front ring with the horizontal bar sat under the shaft. This separates the cock and balls to give your erection a lift making it more prominent.

Curved underneath is a smooth tapered butt plug measuring 1.7 inches in circumference. Apply water-based lubricant and pop the plug in. Revel in the combined pleasure of cock ring restraint and stimulating anal sensations during sex with a partner or masturbation.

The Perfect Fit Armour Tug Lock Butt Plug and Cock Ring is made from soft and smooth silicone TPR and silicone. Not only does this ensure your complete comfort, but it also means it’s flexible so you can get that perfect fit.

A lovely chunky good quality item!
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