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Vawn and Boon

NipON! Attachable Silicone Nipples

NipON! Attachable Silicone Nipples

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You'll always look a bit nippy with our NipON attachable nipples. The product is designed for maximum protrusion though clothing; they are positively provocative worn under luxurious garments such as sheer silk and satin blouses. NipON nipples are great for adding a little wow to your outfit and are now de rigueur amongst the glamorous girls at Vawn and Boon!

Two sizes are available:
Large (2.5 inches diameter)
Extra Large (3.25 inches diameter)

And two colours:
Light Transparent (lightly pinked hue) and Darker Transparent (Slight browning to the nipple). Both options will let the natural colour of your breast forms come through and can be matched to your skin tone.

NipON nipples are easily removable and reusable over and over.
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Big Nipples

What can I see these nipples are amazing and so life like. Great value for money