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Teardrop vs Triangular Breast Forms

Which shape of silicone breast forms are best for crossdressers?

Vawn and Boon Triangular Breast Forms 

Triangular breast forms:

1) Triangular forms have slightly larger protrusion than teardrop forms.

2) The backside of a triangular breast form has a greater surface area than a teardrop form and therefore covers more of the male chest wall. This can make larger triangular forms look more natural on men with larger chests (we classify larger male chests as 42 inches and above).

3) Triangular forms have a greater curvature at the back of the form (enabled by the larger surface area of the forms). This is handy for trans girls who already have small breasts; males who have muscular pectorals or men with fleshy chests.

4) Triangular forms are sometimes argued to create a more natural profile. (this is a highly debatable point - it really depends on how they sit on the individual).

 Vawn and Boon Teardrop Breast Forms

Teardrop breast forms:

1) Teardrop breast forms have more weight at the bottom of the forms. This will make them bounce more when you walk than triangular forms. This is especially true of larger teardrop forms. Once you start hitting your stride in heels, their gentle bounce will be a very pleasant experience for you and utterly hypnotic for male and female onlookers alike!

2) Teardrop form are sometimes argued to create a more youthful and sexy profile, our teardrop forms have a pleasantly full upper cup (this is a highly debatable point - it really depends on how they sit on the individual).

3) Teardrop forms are narrower than triangular forms and therefore best for crossdressers who have small chest measurements but want very large breasts for their chest size. We classify breast forms that weight in the region of 1200 grams to 1600 grams to be large to very large for a 36 to 40 inch male chest. 

If you are in any doubt about the right choice of breast form shape and size for you, simply email us with your height, male chest size and what kind of look you are intending to achieve.

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